Small Groups


Voice Box Stories

Voice Box Stories

Stories and songs get woven into an amazing show that will have you laughing and singing along. 

2nd Tuesday of the month at FitzGerald’s Night club.

Miracles LIVE 365

Our Miracle Prayer calls go live everyday. If you are in the area or across the globe, we have a way to stay connected.

Community Music Tribe

Join us every Monday night for our community jam session. Contact Mari or Merry or Robert for more details of check out our Facebook group.

Special Events Team

We coordinate Speakeasy special events, often with tasty food!

Prosperity Team

Pam Watson Nichols and Peg McNamara lead our prosperity team. We are a wealth conscious community and tithe 10% of our collections to where we are spiritually fed. 

Media Team

Lead by Al Chase and Will Schaub, we set up and shoot the videos and images used for social media. We make people look good. 🙂

Coffee Fellowship Team

Alma make the world’s greatest coffee and help organize the donation sign-up sheets. We show up early and stay late and are grateful for all the Starbuck gift-cards that the community members slip to us.

Welcome Team

Carol Hamm and Owen Famulari lead setting up the altar, the bookstore and the greeting table. We are the world’s best huggers and we love handing out Kind Bars to the new comers!

Communications Team

This team ensures that the copy and content and communication of information is on point. We deliver the whole story.

Speakeasy Book Club

This month we are covering A Course In Miracles!