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What to Expect

Welcome to SpeakEasy! We are so glad that you found your way to our community. We know it can be difficult and confusing to go to a new place for the first time. Just come and check us out, and you will experience a vibrant community focused on learning how to love more and fear less. We honor all paths to God and ask that you don’t check your brains, beliefs or background at the door. We welcome questions and celebrate diversity. We believe in the healing nature of creativity and laughter. We would love to have you join us Sunday morning at 10am for a true happy hour.

Plus there are a bunch of other ways to connect in community. Scroll down, check it out and join!

Spiritual Vixen Book Party

Come celebrate your most unapologetic self! There will be drinks, snacks, a short reading, book signing and tons of laughs. Grab your copy on Amazon and join us on November 30th / 31 East Ogden Ave. Club Room 7:00 – 9:00 RSVP

Howl In Harmony

This vibrant conversation on sex, shame, speaking truth, and spirituality with Todd Fink and Maureen Muldoon. We welcome all the topic and questions. December 9th, 7-9 pm at Yoga Among Friends, 4949 Forest Ave. Downers Grove, IL. 

Be Still And Know (12-step meeting) 

Every Wednesday at 4-5 pm at the First Congregational Church of La Grange, 100 S. 6th contact Maureen (708-497-9644) for door code.

Voice Box Stories

Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship performs a featured song, which also supplies the theme for all the evening’s stories. After each storyteller, Cathy performs another song inspired by the story. The stories and songs get woven into an amazing show that will have you laughing and singing along. After the guest storytellers are finished, audience members are encouraged to contribute their stories, which are either five sentences or two minutes in length.

It’s a story, a slam, a song, a serenade, a surrender. A place to be heard and hear about the human condition. It’s community, it’s alive, it’s entertaining and elevating. It’s the old school front stoop, it’s the modern day confessional. Where folks like us who need to create come out and connect to spin and weave and unfurl; to encounter artistry and escape into inspiration. A song leads to a story and a story leads to a song and the beat goes on and out and up. Your feet tap to the rhythm, your head nods in agreement, your hands meet in appreciation, and your heart pounds in anticipation for the chance to share your voice.

Our Story

SpeakEasy Spiritual Community, located at Immanuel Hall, 302 S. Grant Street, Hinsdale, Il. has sprung to life and has been steadily growing! Love is our Religion, Care is our Currency and Peace is our Goal.

We started as a seedling community that began March 15, 2015, as a collective of thirsty souls seeking an alternative Sunday morning. The magic word at SpeakEasy is “care.” SpeakEasy members refer to themselves as the “un-church” and happily hold the door open to everyone. Every creed, color, and spiritual background are welcome.

“If it’s about God, we want to talk about it,” says founder and Spiritual Director Maureen Muldoon, but the title she prefers is “Spiritual Vixen.” Muldoon is a storyteller and minister, maven and mystic. She leads thought-provoking, hot topic conversations and stirs the pot with her understanding of spiritual principals and the human condition, gained through years of study, practice, and the best teacher of all, life experience.

Learn more about our community in this article.

Our Service


Music is an integral part of our service. We feature a unique blend of contemporary songs and instrumentation. Come prepared to be lifted in song.


Our Spiritual Director, Maureen Muldoon challenges us to live an authentic life in flow with the Universe. She draws particular inspiration from “A Course in Miracles.”


The most vital part of our service is the conversation. We sit in a circle to promote equality and facilitate sharing.